Aubay advances to the Gaïa Research 2021 podium

The winners of the 13th Gaïa Research campaign were announced on Tuesday 19 October 2021.

Aubay was invited this year to join the podium in 3rd place for companies in the €150m-€500m revenue category.

The Gaïa ranking recognises France’s top 70 SMEs and SMIs in terms of environmental, social and governance performance. Aubay has been participating in this initiative since its launch in 2009.

This result rewards the Group’s continuous efforts in this area since 2004, the year it joined the United Nations Global Compact, and which today are now focused on three areas divided into quantified targets presented below.

  • Reduce our environmental impact by improving our carbon footprint and adopting a Green IT approach.
  • Achieving net zero emissions by 2030
  • Powering 60% of sites of the Group by renewable electricity by 2025
  • Reducing energy consumption per employee in 2025 in relation to 2018
  • Recovering 100% of our waste electrical and electronic equipment by 2025
  • Reducing by 15% paper consumption per employee in 2025 in relation to 2018
  • Being a responsible employer by attracting talent and increasing the value of our employer brand, by retaining our employees, ensuring their well-being and guaranteeing equal opportunities.
  • Exceeding a target of more than 80% of our trainees hired each year at the end of their studies
  • Meeting a target of 40% of women in management positions by 2025
  • A rate of 3.5% of employees with disabilities in France by 2025
    • Building partnerships with positive impacts by ensuring quality of service, responsible purchasing, establishing solidarity partnerships and promoting digital inclusion.
  • Obtaining ISO 9001 certification for 90% of our sites by 2025
  • Having 100% of our strategic suppliers become signatories of our Responsible Purchasing Charter by 2025
  • Reaching a 60% target for our social impact partnerships contributing to digital responsibility in France by 2025
  • Developing close relationships with stakeholders in the sheltered employment sector in France in 2025

“We are honoured to have been selected to join the Gaïa Research podium this year by achieving 3rd place in the ranking. Aubay has been committed to CSR for over 17 years and it intends to ramp up its efforts even further in this area in the coming years.

This year’s commitment to 12 medium-term objectives offers further proof that Aubay’s CSR ambitions are an important cornerstone of its strategy. As a leading digital services company, our goal is to continue our collective efforts by adopting a Green IT approach”.

Philippe Rabasse, Chief Executive Officer of Aubay Group


Read Aubay’s 2020 non-financial statement on pages 53 to 98 of the 2020 URD by clicking here.

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