Responsibility of company

Making things last and developing to last is a strategy that pays off for organisations wishing to strengthen their viability in the long term. Our social and environmental responsibility strategy is based on a number of fundamental principles: quality, sustainable development, and social and political policy.

Quality Policy

The AUB’ENERGY program

A tool of excellence and improvement in management of client projects and internal projects. This programme relies on suitably adapted, reactive and professional solutions: Planning, Monitoring, Measurement, Configuration Management, Quality Assurance, Requirements etc.

Our Quality Labels

Aubay is certified ISO 9001-2008 and CMMI 3.

Aubay is an “advanced*” company in terms of the UN Global Compact.

This pact brings together companies and organisations that adopt voluntary resolutions in favour of sustainable development. Aubay joined the Global Compact in 2004. Aubay’s values include the principles of the Global Compact as a gauge of quality and responsibility to help it develop sustainably.

Our RSE labels

ISO 14001 Label

ISO 27001 Label – Security management

The “Gold” label issued by ECOVADIS.The “classification with honours” in the GAIA index.

Now a valuable referencing source, our membership of the Global Compact has now been segmented with a merit status: “Learner” for companies wishing to become members, “active” for those that have proved their sustainable development in their previous multi-domain commitments, and “advanced” for those who can measure their progress. Aubay is part of the third category.

Social policy

Aubay, a handi-inviting company:

Within the context of its corporate social responsibility, Aubay has for several years now pursued an equal opportunities policy, especially through its “Mission Handicap”. Pursuant to the convention signed with AGEFIPH in 2009, Aubay France concluded its 3rd business agreement in favour of employing disabled persons to work with it, in january 2018. This agreement took effect on 1 January 2018 for three years. This new agreement expresses the company’s willingness to strengthen commitments to citizens and thus increase actions favourable to recruitment, integration and retention of disabled employees in the workplace.

Diversity and combating discrimination:

Diversity and combating discrimination: We undertake to stop all forms of discrimination and have concluded several agreements in this regard, in relation to employment of older people and professional equality of men and women in the workplace. We undertake to promote equal opportunities and treatment for men and women at all stages in their professional careers, in terms of both salaries and career opportunities.

Safety at work:

Aubay pays particular attention to the health of its employees and the prevention of accidents at work.


For a consultancy company such as Aubay, training its personnel is essential for providing a service of excellence.

Ethical purchases:

Signature of the Inter-Company SEO Provider Relations Charter, with assessment based on RSE criteria.

Safety of information and protection of personal liberty:

Appointment of CIL (Computers and Liberties Correspondent) in 2012.Appointment of RSSI (IS Safety Manager) in 2014.

Aubay, a partner in Heart Surgery Sponsorship:

FFor several years now, Aubay has invested significant resources in this noble association. As a sponsor, most notably through its sporting participation in the Saint Nom La Bretèche Sporting Trophies. The aim is to allow children with serious heart diseases from disadvantaged countries to be operated on in France, when they cannot be at home because of lack of technical and financial resources. They are then accommodated with host families for eight weeks and go home cured.

Combating corruption:

A commitment by Aubay to: Comply with international principles, meet client requirements, respect the rules of competition, prevent corruption and promote excellence of services. In addition, all employees of Aubay Luxembourg have signed a specific charter with added requirements concerning the prevention of money laundering and recourse to tax havens.

mecenat chirurgie cardiaque

19th Édition of The Trophy from the Heart by “Mécénat chirurgie cardiaque”. With the 2015 edition, 13 childs will be saved by this charity event.

Environmental policy:

Intellectual services do not by nature cause much pollution. However, Aubay takes particular care to reduce its carbon footprint, limit travel by employees, and recycle its waste.