Today, Aubay has issued 35,600 new shares as part of the capital increase carried out between October 4-18 and reserved for the employees of its French entities who subscribe to a Company Savings Plan.

Approved by the Board of Directors’ meeting of September 16, 2011 in accordance with the powers awarded to it by the General Meeting of Shareholders of May 20, 2011 (twelfth resolution), the operation allowed eligible employees to subscribe to new shares between October 4-18, 2011 under preferential conditions. The subscription price was set at € 4.43 per share.

The shares created are fully fungible with existing shares. They are subject to the same statutory provisions and are retroactively eligible for dividends from January 1, 2011. A request was made for the new shares resulting from the capital increase to be admitted for trading on the NYSE Euronext Paris SA on the same listing line as the company’s existing shares as soon as they were issued. The shares also entitle their holder to an interim dividend payment of € 0.08 per share paid after approval of the Board on November 17.

Following this increase, and following the cancellation of 22,501 shares1, approved by the Board of Directors ‘ meeting of October 25, 2011, Aubay’s share capital of € 7,011,802 now consists of 14,023,604 fully paid-up shares with a par value of € 0.5 each.

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