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4 reasons for doing your training with Aubay

Aubay, au plus près des écoles

Since its foundation, Aubay has developed privileged relations with engineering and business schools and universities.
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Timothy – SUPELECDavid
I met Aubay at the Centrale Supélec forum in 2011. The “systems and networks” training offer really suited my specialty in computer systems security. My first task with the client – the first banking group in France- started even before I had finished my training. I was then taken on to provide high-level computer support. A year later, I was in charge of project management and security. Most recently, I was chosen to put a new “infra” project in place. I would like to move into project management at the highest level. My ambition is to put together a technical platform designed to suit my different tasks in every way. In fact, I think this is essential for my future teams to see me as “legitimate”.
Timothy – SUPELEC
Guillaume Centrale Supelec

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