The recruitment process

Coming to work for Aubay

Signing a permanent contract

Share our entrepreneurial spirit in a stable but rapidly developing group

Be capable of moving into other jobs or sectors, or of taking on more or different responsibilities

Recruiting is not just catching, attracting or pleasing; rather, it is understanding. Understanding what attracts you to Aubay, what you are looking for, what you have not found elsewhere; defining whether our needs are consistent with tour expectations in order to avoid disappointment; capturing your vision of what a job and a company should be, today and tomorrow. And then together, planning your career.

Depending on your profile, the recruitment process will follow some or all of these stages

  • A “working together” interview with our recruitment manager: introducing you to Aubay, its operation and its values, assessing your motivation and the consistency of your conversation. Depending on the job, a technical assessment will be carried out.

  • An interview with an operative, business engineer or project manager; this interview will give you very specific information on the tasks that we offer.

  • An interview with a unit manager or market director: this last interview will give you an opportunity to exchange and meet with the director of the business unit to which you will be assigned.