Women at Aubay

Women are managers at Aubay !

At a time when women are particularly under-represented in management jobs in DSCs, Aubay is the exception in the IT sector! The Aubay Group recruited 30% of female engineers and consultants in 2016. This figure deserves to be underlined! As well as the benefits of the computing industry (a fast-growing sector that offers a huge variety of jobs and career opportunities both in France and at international level), Aubay offers female engineers and consultants the chance to follow a career full of opportunities and challenges !

41% of management jobs held by women, and 30% of female engineers and consultants recruited in 2016.

Women at Aubay

Female consultants share their experience of the digital industry


Laetitia a une maîtrise des sciences de Gestion à l’université de Paris Dauphine complétée d’une formation d’ingénieur. Après différentes expériences de chef de projet à l’étranger, elle intègre Aubay et prend en charge tout le reporting BI d’un grand groupe bancaire.


Lisa a un Bachelor réalisé à Manchester et complété par un mastère spécialisé en stratégie et Management des Affaires Internationales à l’ESSEC. Elle est aujourd’hui consultante PMO (Project Manager Officer) et intervient principalement dans le secteur de l’assurance.


Après un Master universitaire en gestion de projets internationaux, Awatif a débuté sa carrière en tant que chef de projet pour se spécialiser ensuite dans la conduite de projets d’amélioration de la performance. Consultante en organisation et processus, elle intervient sur tout type de secteurs.

Why did you choose Aubay and the digital sector ?


Aubay is a reliable company with a real long-term strategic vision. It’s a company that takes the career goals of every employee into account.

I chose this sector because of the wealth of tasks and projects.


I’ve always been interested in new technology. After three years of experience, I’m looking towards a DSC. Subjects change but the essence of my job, which is project management, remains the same, a source of wealth and inspiration. The digital sector is one that is all the more interesting for being always changing, bringing new horizons and stimulating curiosity, which is one of my character traits.

Is the mix particularly felt in Aubay ?

That depends on the projects that we’re working on. For example, in my current task, where I’m involved with providing training in a major French bank, women are generally very well represented, in contrast to a previous, more development-orientated project, where there were more men.


Yes, in effect the mix can be both felt and seen. As well as that, the offers have to be carefully defined as there are more women in certain jobs in the digital sector, while other areas of work still have far to go. We therefore have some work to do to get there.

What is the interest in adding more women to the teams ?


The approaches are different. I think that a woman, whether or not she’s a manager, has a more human understanding of relations between employees.

I agree with Laetitia, women are more interested in the human aspect, while men have a more factual approach.


Having lived through both states, I think that there is everything to win in having a mixed team available, to enrich the reflection times. The digital sector has some very interesting opportunities, with possibilities for rapid progression.

So ladies, don’t hesitate – come and join the Aubay teams !

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