Your career

To become an Aubay employee is to join a group of almost 6,000 engineers and consultants, who know how to combine well-being and performance, and also know how to develop you by providing you with suitable tasks.

You will be working according to your profile and capacity for process in our advisory group, on all kinds of technological projects.
A multitude of different jobs awaits you:

  • Setting an on-line bank going
  • Developing mobile applications for major European insurers
  • Managing branch mergers for a major banking group
  • Assessing the risks of a share portfolio
  • Coding embedded software

You will accompany the transformation and modernisation of the information systems of the biggest groups in a number of sectors. Closely linked to regulatory changes within our clients, digital transformation and the ability to follow the rhythm of innovation are the driving forces behind the organisations. Research into performance using digital means is conducted using a large-scale services strategy aimed at consumers. Innovation is the key element of client experience, helping to meet the requirements of speed and simplicity and to provide distinguished and personalised services such as connected drive application or the “pay how you drive” offer. “M-commerce” is developing more than ever before, and mobile internet services (smartphones, tablets, mobile sites and applications) have increased by 60%.

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