Q2 2019 Financial information

2019 second-quarter revenue
+5.1% to €102.9 million


Aubay posted a very solid first half in 2019, with revenue increasing 5.4% in purely organic terms to €208.1 million, despite one less billable day than in first-half 2018 (impact on growth of around one point).

Growth was consistent between the regions, up 5.6% in France, and 5.3% internationally.

This growth was underpinned by both a strong increase in the average daily billing rate, reflecting the success of the innovation strategy and the shift towards higher value-added services at Group level, and the increase in headcount enabling the Group to secure new market share and customers.

Aubay’s headcount increased compared with December 31, 2018, rising from 5,936 employees at end-June 2018 and 6,166 at end-December 2018, to 6,236 at end-June 2019.

Productivity remained strong, coming in at 92.5% versus 93.1% one year earlier, a very satisfactory level in view  of the strategic investments made in the new offers (RPA, Cloud, IA, Data etc.), illustrated by a dedicated training program and the certification of consultants. The Group is preparing for a sharp increase in demand in these areas from its key accounts over the coming months and years.

Outlook for 2019

The markets in which Aubay is positioned remain very strong and the Group expects another year of revenue and earnings growth in 2019. The second half of 2019 includes the same number of billable days as second-half 2018.

Based on a good first half year, perfectly in line with expectations, Aubay is confident about achieving the 2019 targets set on the publication of its 2018 annual results:

  • Revenue of €425 million, corresponding to organic growth of 5% to 7%
  • Operating margin from ordinary activities between 5% and 10.5%.

 Aubay’s first-half 2019 results will be published on September 18, 2019 after the close of trading.

For further information, visit the Finance section on the group website at www.aubay.com.
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